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We've received one anonymous call and one signed email from readers unhappy with Aprill Brandon's humor column about Valentine's Day. Anytime you express a strong opinion, others are bound to disagree with it. We aim to provide a balance of views on any topic.

Here's the reader's email and my response. I'd be curious get your thoughts, too. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.


The Victoria Advocate has accomplished an all time low with its lead story a disgusting display of hatred, referring to Ms. Brandon’s Valentine Day’s article of 2/14/08.


Ms. Brandon, I don’t generally read your articles because they are mostly trash. When I read the headline of your article this morning, I thought surely you were in jest, not serious. So I read this item … feeling sadder and sadder as I read, because you were serious. I’m truly sorry for your lack of happiness and compassion in life.


Sure, like all holiday events these days, Valentine Day has become too commercialized, too geared to make money. But the basic thought of this day is valued by those who have someone to love … and the kids get a big kick out of it because for them it’s fun.


It is unfortunate that you, Mr. Cobler, have supported Ms. Brandon’s display of hatred, for all of Victoria to read about. Is there no more decency in your commitment to provide an ethical, professional newspaper? But then that’s a joke!


I hope millions of Americans enjoy their Valentine Day … even you two!


We're sorry you didn't enjoy Aprill's column. Humor definitely is subjective.
On the same front page, we had two more traditional stories and a photo about Valentine's Day. We thought this balance provided a good way to mark the occasion. Not every story can satisfy every reader. Certainly, some people are less than enthusiastic about Valentine's Day.
Would you like to have your letter published on our Viewpoints page, or was it intended only to let us know your feelings about the column? Either way, we appreciate your feedback about what you like and don't like in your hometown newspaper.
On a personal note, I sent my wife and I both sent each other flowers and plan to go out for dinner tonight to celebrate. I agree any opportunity to tell someone special you love him or her is worth taking.
Chris Cobler
Victoria Advocate