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We took the unusual step today of deleting a variety of off-topic comments from an article. Our philosophy in moderating this forum is to use a light touch and let the online community police itself.

In this case, a variety of readers reported the off-topic comments and name-calling that ensued. We didn't see a better way of controlling the discussion than deleting the comments and explaining the problem here. If you have another suggestion, let me know. We do consider this your forum. Our role is only to help maintain it as most of our readers prefer it.

If you have a pet peeve such as a beef with the city, I encourage you to blog about it and not post unrelated comments to stories. If you think a comment is out of line, I encourage you to avoid name-calling in response. That invariably results in more of the same.

Our aim it to keep one or two bad actors from spoiling the conversation for everyone. Thank you to the many who have contributed positively to this community. We want to keep hearing from all of our readers and to make it easy for you to talk with each other.


On an unrelated noted, a faithful blogger left me a message complaining about the computer glitch that results in a loss of copy if you write a long post and don't save it after a certain amount of time. My best advice to bloggers who like to write long is to use the "save draft" button at the bottom of your screen. I've never lost any copy using it.