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Some online readers questioned our decision to put the death of Dale Pigott on B1 instead of A1 Monday. Any news judgment is open to second-guessing, but we opted against front-page coverage during our daily news meeting Monday afternoon.

Almost immediately, Victoria police considered the death a suicide, although a formal ruling is yet to come. We discussed the unusual location of the suicide as an argument for greater coverage, but were concerned about sensationalizing the situation. Typically, we give limited coverage to suicides. In my opinion, TV news Monday night went too far in giving the impression that foul play was suspected when, as far as we were told, police never did.

Online readers have the power to turn any story into front-page news. You immediately found the story and made it, by far, the top-viewed story of the day and elevated it to a prominent spot on our home page. Based on reader interest alone, it's hard to argue against greater coverage.

We are planning a profile of Mr. Pigott, a well-known community member, for Thursday's edition. If you have comments about him you'd like to add to this story, please e-mail me or call the newsroom at 574-1222.