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Two or three weeks ago, Scott Hanson hung up on me after I became exasperated by his criticism that the Advocate wasn't digging hard enough into Victoria District Attorney Stephen Tyler. We're doing all we can, I told Hanson, also known as Sailor on our discussion forums.

Then Thursday night, Public Service Editor Gabe Semenza called me right before the start of the Bach Festival performance to tell me Tyler had accused the Advocate of helping to write the recall petition. As I said in today's story, that's outrageously false. I left a message with the district attorney this morning to ask why he would make such a ridiculous accusation without a shred of evidence.

You might say the newspaper is under attack from both sides. I see this as evidence that we're being fair. We will continue to do so.

It's up to the public and a judge to decide whether there's merit to the group's recall petition. We haven't posted the petition yet because Hanson did not provide it to us Thursday. We're still working to get it this morning from the courthouse.

I certainly understand why people might be confused by the entire mess. You have to be following closely the twists and turns of this saga. Even then, we still don't know all of the facts surrounding the investigation into Michael Ratcliff, the DA's former chief of staff and a former sheriff. We're working to post all of our coverage under special reports to help you digest it. We're not finished re-posting and organizing the dozens of articles we've published on the subject in the past year, but librarian Robbi Patterson is working hard on this.

If you'd like to know anything else about the Advocate's coverage, please let us know. My direct number is 361-574-1271.