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As part of our celebration at noon today in De Leon Plaza, we conducted our weekly editorial board meeting with all of you.

Every week, our editorial board meets to discuss issues we think warrant commentary. What is an editorial board, you might ask. Here's how Wikipedia summarizes it: "The editorial board is a group of people, usually at a print publication, who dictate the tone and direction the publication's editorials will take."

The members of the Advocate's editorial board are owners John Roberts and Kay McHaney, vice president Dan Easton, circulation director Hamp Rogers, managing editor Thomas Martinez, local editor Becky Cooper, asst. local editor Manuel De Los Santos, interactivity editor C.J. Castillo, former editor and columnist Jim Bishop, community conversation editor Tim Delaney, delivery desk chief Nick Rogers and myself as editor. Delaney leads the discussion and puts together our Viewpoints page daily.

Here's how the meetings generally go: Delaney brings in a list of possible topics from the past week, sticking mainly to local and some state issues. We figure national issues are best left for comment by others.

Through discussion, we usually reach a consensus and then assign who will write the board's opinion. A point often lost on readers is this board's opinion represents the institutional voice of the newspaper, not necessarily the individual view of the author.

I joke about it, but it's true: I sometimes don't personally agree with the Advocate's opinions any more than you. The board's opinions are much more important in this context than my personal views. I have plenty of other ways to express those, whether in a column or a blog or at the ballot box.

Our collective board philosophy is to think about what's best for the community. We want our Viewpoints page to engage you in a constructive community conversation and to reflect your views.

That's where you come in. Thank you to those who showed up and participated in today's discussion.