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We first heard via Facebook about an out-of-town car crash this weekend involving a local couple. A friend of an Advocate staffer posted a prayer for the couple.

On Tuesday, we heard via Twitter about StarTek's closing. Another reader blogged about the news, without attribution, before we were even able to verify and post the story.

Earlier this year, a different Twitter user posted photos of a couple getting married at the Victoria Starbucks.

These examples illustrate why we've focused our attention on social media. Increasingly, many people are using technology to share news in their own way.

In all of these examples, our reporters went out and did old-fashioned reporting to verify the information. In other instances, they chased leads that never panned out. That's how we've always handled tips, whether they come in via a phone call or from someone stopping by to talk.

We find it exciting that we can listen to our readers in new ways. You have always helped us do our job better.