Blogs » Your Advocate: an editor's blog » Will any Oscar-nominated movies will play Victoria?


My friends elsewhere give high marks to "Slumdog Millionaire," the best-picture Golden Globe winner. My complaint: Only mainstream movies play Victoria.

Cinemark, which runs the 12-plex in Victoria, supposedly shows art movies through CinéArts. That's a grand idea, but the local theater almost never shows these movies. Couldn't one screen out of 12 be dedicated to showing movies such as "Slumdog Millionaire" and "The Wrestler"?

Anyone know the movie business? I'm assuming these theater companies don't see the profit in showing anything but the big Hollywood releases. I went a couple of months ago to the 24-plex in Sugar Land and it was the same story there. The mainstream Hollywood releases just showed on multiple screens. Again, nothing for more discriminating movie tastes.

Fortunately, you can catch up on independent films through movie rentals, but what if you don't want to wait? Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Leo J. Welder Performing Arts Center could show an art movie every weekend?

Perhaps someone out there has experience running a movie theater beyond my brief time working the concession stand in college. (That's another story.) Why can't theaters make enough money to devote one screen a week to an alternative movie? I've been to plenty of mainstream movies when only a handful of people attended. Wouldn't the theater do just as well or better by offering viewers a choice?

Look for the Advocate's annual pick-the-Oscar-winners contest after the nominations are announced Jan. 22. If you've actually seen any of the nominated movies before then, let me know how you managed it. How would you know whether a performance in "Happy-Go-Lucky" or "Revolutionary Road" deserves an Oscar?