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Image What another spectacular winter day here in South Texas. How did I ever survive so many winters up north?

We took a weekend trip to Austin to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. One of the highlights was a brief stop at Town Lake. I want to go back when we have more time to spend there. Now I understand why so many people rave about Austin.

Does anyone know the history of when Austin dammed the Colorado River to form Town Lake? It seems both San Antonio and Austin devised ways to tame their raging rivers and turn them into amazing amenities.

I don't know how Victoria would come up with the millions needed to do anything similar, but  what about creating similar trails to ring the city? The bike trails in Riverside Park are a start, but the city needs to give bikers and hikers a way to go farther than the 562 acres along the Guadalupe River. Town Park shows these dirt trails can be built fairly inexpensively.

What do you think? What else could Victoria do to encourage outdoor activity on these splendid winter days? Can anyone fill me in on the history of past efforts along these lines?