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In a region where the new president received only about 35 percent of the vote, what front page best suits his inauguration?

I've found the fawning nature of the national coverage to be a bit much, but you also can't deny this moment in history. We want to create a front page Wednesday that captures what this milestone means in South Texas.

We'll have reporters and photographers fanned out Tuesday across the Crossroads region. What local image will best tell the story? Our goal is to find photos and stories that reflect our community and don't  merely repeat all you'll see on national network TV or read online. Some places we'll be include our schools, the college campus and at the African-American chamber celebration.

If you have photos or stories to share of the occasion, call the newsroom at 361-580-NEWS or e-mail us at Of course, feel free to leave a comment here, too. Where would you send a reporter or photographer on Inauguration Day?