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Strong photographs invariably make us think. Or cry. Or both.

Advocate photojournalist T.C. Baker came back to the newsroom late Wednesday afternoon with a powerful image of a body being pulled from the Guadalupe River. To see the photo and story, click here.

We discussed at length what photo to use from the scene and ultimately agreed this particular image told the sad story in a respectful way. Photo decisions, though, are never easy and always open to second-guessing.

I appreciated hearing your views after we published a controversial photograph in December. What do you think about this decision? No reader called to complain about the photo, which appeared on B1.

Editors routinely face similar decisions when photojournalists are on top of the news. I thought about this when another editor Tweeted about a stunning photograph on the front page of the Detroit News. To see the disturbing image of a homeless man found frozen in a sheet of ice, click here.

What if we found a similarly unsettling image during today's homeless count in Victoria? What would the reaction be if the image appeared on the Advocate's front page?