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We work at listening to our readers every day. The trick is readers have many different opinions about what they want to see in their newspaper.

Usually, we hear from readers complaining because that's human nature. You don't usually pick up the phone to tell the newspaper you really like something. We did, though, get quite a few complimentary calls Monday when we brought back "Hocus Focus."

When we changed and expanded our comic lineup, we had dropped this strip. However, longtime readers let us know they wanted it back, and we listened. Thank you to those appreciative folks who called.

Meanwhile, another reader called last week to tell us "you'd have to have a brain the size of an amoeba" to like "Hocus Focus." Instead, he wanted back the "Years Ago" column we moved off the comics page to make room for "Hocus Focus."

After hearing from a few fans of "Years Ago," we decided to bring it back to the Sunday features section. That column, gathered by librarian Robbi Patterson, will resume next Sunday.

To round out the week, a woman from Shiner called to complain she didn't want to see "those kids on the front page." She was referring to Thursday's stories about a remarkable 14-year-old graduating from Victoria College and a talented Memorial High School sophomore competing at state. For about 10 days, we're featuring the state-bound scholars in our region.

People regularly say they want to see more good news in the paper, so we chuckled at the idea a woman actually would call to complain about this coverage. I don't recall who first said it, but an editor surely knows, "You can't please everyone all of the time."