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I wasn't expecting much on a quiet Sunday in Victoria, but we couldn't pass up a chance to visit John Griffin and Lynn Knaupp's beautiful historic home. We knew little about the promised impromptu concert there.

I pulled up a stool and found myself sitting at the feet of two musicians, Julee Glaub and Mark Weems, who call themselves Little Windows. They were in town visiting Julie's relatives and decided to perform for supporters of Victoria's Bach Festival, which is about to start. (Friday's M3 contained the Bach Festival schedule. Be sure you attend at least some of this magical festival.)

Julie and Mark talked to us about traditional music and sang like Appalachian angels. They even tossed in a bit of honky tonk that took me back to the music my late grandparents played in the bars around Topeka, Kan. What a gift Little Windows have to transport us from our childhood memories all the way to Ireland.

As you enjoy this lovely YouTube clip, picture yourself listening and sipping sangria on a gorgeous spring afternoon. I hope a similar window opens for you soon.


Julee and Mark brightened the Griffin and Knaupp sun room. You may visit their Web site here.