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One of the many things I enjoy about working at a community newspaper is the help we get from our friends and neighbors in doing our job.

Our fabulous front-page photo Friday of the logjam came about through a serendipitous encounter Thursday in the Advocate cafeteria. I was waiting for an eggsalad sandwich from BarBara Kaiser when I said hello to Mark Garretson, who was having lunch with Jim McHaney.

Mark, co-owner of Earthworks, asked whether we'd like to have a photographer take a plane ride with him to get an aerial picture of the logjam on the San Antonio River. I said, "Sure. I'll have to find one of our photographers."

As if on cue, Advocate photojournalist T.C. Baker walked into the cafeteria to get lunch. We called him over, and he rearranged his schedule to take a plane ride that afternoon.

Later that evening, Presentation Editor Kimiko Fieg, Photo Editor Frank Tilley, Managing Editor Thomas Martinez, Delivery Desk Chief Nick Rogers and I were reviewing the front page and discussing how to play T.C.'s photos. We were all struck by the sheer size of the 500-yard logjam, but stuck a bit by how to play aerial images at the right size for readers to appreciate.

We hit upon the unconventional approach of placing the main photo across the top of the entire front page. Kimiko worked her magic to make this design pop around the newspaper's name.

Meanwhile, we bantered about possible headlines to summarize this image and refer readers to the story inside. For this treatment, we knew we wanted to find just the right word.

Fortunately, Nick hit upon "Waterlogged," and you can see the result on Friday's front page. Many thanks to Mark for making it all possible. We don't have a news chopper like the big-city TV stations, but we do have something quite a bit better: the support of our friends and neighbors.