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Image My co-workers have been laughing at me this week.

How is that different from any other week, you might ask. Well, this week, Advocate graphics designer Julie Zavala decided to put me in a Superman costume for her illustration with my "Get Out" column on the best journalism movies of all time.

Of course, I immediately emailed the illustration to my wife, Paula, who responded that I was "easy on the eyes." (That's an inside joke.)

Along with slimming me, giving me abs and putting a Superman curl in my hair, Julie dressed me in hip-hugger pants. I asked Paula why Julie would do that when I've never owned such a pair of pants. "Oh, you need updating," Paula said without missing a beat.

Meanwhile, two women who saw the illustration at work immediately burst out into a fit of laughter. And that's just the two who laughed in front of me. Who knows how much female frivolity went on this week around the Advocate water cooler?

Another co-worker had more restraint and only smiled maniacally at the "Get Out" page. However, he immediately started arguing my list. "Fletch?" he asked incredulously.

"Make your own list," I told him.

Clearly, Superman should have come up with a better retort.