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Our work email went down today, prompting a flurry of Dilbert-like jokes:

-- Old boss: Email is down -- productivity is skyrocketing.

-- Boss to manager: Email all to let them know email is down.

-- Manager: Going to lunch. Email me if you need me.

-- Boss: I remember the time when we didn't even have email in the workplace. Young staffer: What did you do? Fax each other?

Alas, email eventually will be restored, and we will quit talking to each other once more.

On a serious note, please always call if you send us something important and don't get a response. You never know when the email gremlins will strike.

The main newsroom number is 361-574-1222. (For those feeling particularly nostalgic, our fax number is 361-574-1220.)

Update: Email restored at 1:15 p.m. Only 49 unread messages await.