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"We've got spirit, yes we do. We've got spirit, how about you?"

We all know the cheer, which ends, regardless of the outcome, with each side chanting, "We've got more." As long as everyone is having fun, does it really matter who has more?

An Advocate sports story Monday compared Victoria West's school spirit to that exhibited by the visiting Calhoun Sandcrabs. The article, which quoted the radio announcer who calls West's games, enraged some Warriors' supporters.

I talked on the phone with one West father who felt the Advocate unfairly singled out the school. At the same time, he said he thought West fans were not supporting the school as much as they should and had various theories about why that was. East's school spirit is stronger than West's, he asserted.

Meanwhile, we continue to hear from those who think we favor Victoria East over West. Of course, we have absolutely no motivation for favoring East over West, or vice-versa. We try, as best we can, to spread our sports coverage across the two dozen high schools in the Crossroads.

For the record, both of my children attend West. Their mother and I are pleased with the education they receive there. They're not on the football team, but they attend every game as members of the Band of Warriors.

I was on the sidelines of the West-Calhoun game shooting video for and can verify the state-ranked Sandcrabs had a larger and more vocal crowd. When the Warriors are state-ranked and the 'Crabs are having a down year, I expect the roles will be reversed. That's the nature of sports. You must learn to take the good with the bad.

A newspaper reports the good and the bad, the glad and the sad. We get a kick out of seeing the home team win, but we can't control the score -- or the size of the crowd.