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I always know by the letters and messages we receive that the political season is heating up. Here's an exchange I had Monday morning:  

Can you explain why Alex Hernandez gets front-page coverage about CMC BMI issue.  He is an attorney from Port Lavaca.  Did you bother to ask Geanie Morrison, our current rep about this issue.  What expertise does he bring that could not be found in Victoria?  As he said the former policy was not illegal--and in my opinion therefore does not discriminate.

Seems the article suggests a bias from the Advocate for the Democrat running against Ms. Morrison.  Any opportunity for a Democrat to get free press.

Dear xxxx,

I suggested our reporter check with Mr. Hernandez, among other people, because he had been contacted as an attorney by a prospective Citizens Medical Center employee about the policy. For a story on deadline on this topic, we sought sources on both sides of the Body Mass Index issue. We couldn't reach all we tried to contact but were satisfied the story in question was balanced on the issues of the BMI hiring policy.

We also routinely publish stories about Geanie Morrison, of course.  A quick search on our site turns up 257 mentions of her in Advocate articles and 31 published photos during just the past few years. We try to be fair to all candidates with our news coverage.

We also invite all candidates to appear before our editorial board for a webcast and to submit a guest column in advance of the election. In addition, we publish the League of Women Voters' guide to help people make their own decisions about the candidates and issues. We encourage all readers to write letters to the editor in support of their candidates; these may be sent to

Our editorial board does not endorse candidates to avoid the perception that we're favoring one over another. I hope this helps explains our thinking. Please feel free to contact me again if you have further questions.


Chris Cobler


Victoria Advocate


On a different note, I found myself singing "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats as I walked into the office this morning. I asked a co-worker, who is in her 40s, and her daughter, who is a a teen, if they had ever heard of this song. Neither had. I played it for them on YouTube, and they both grimaced.