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People say there's nothing to do in the Crossroads. If that's so, why am I so exhausted?

I'm starting to recover today, but I was dragging Monday morning after a busy few days. I started with a trip Thursday and Friday to Austin for a board meeting and annual conference of the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas. I know a board meeting doesn't qualify as exciting, but I did find time while there to have dinner with a few others editors at Justine's Brasserie, a funky French restaurant.

The dinner reminded me of how fun it is to have Austin's only two hours away for a change of pace. We regularly find ourselves headed in that direction on the weekends.

However, we also find plenty to do closer to home. On Saturday night, we were delighted to attend an independent Texas film premiere in the Johnson Symposium of Victoria College. I was laughing out loud at the quirky comedy of "Searching for Sonny" and pleased to hear Anthony Pedone, founder of Victoria's film fest, say he plans to continue the film series monthly. For the low price of $5, the audience even got to chat after the movie with director Andrew Disney.

Sunday night, we attended a Jason Mraz concert at The Woodlands Pavillion. The Woodlands is a little farther than I want to go when I have to get up for work the next day, but the show was great. Mraz's band provided more funk and fun that I expected from the hippie singer-songwriter.

I don't have the energy of Brother Gary, by a long shot, but the Crossroads has more than "The Remedy" for my entertainment blues.

I went for the easy joke with "The Remedy" reference, but my favorite song in concert was "Butterfly" because of how much the brass section and the bongo player jammed it out. (Mraz has a different bongo player and a killer violinist/ukelele/singer on this tour than in the video below. The bongo player and violinist made the show, in my opinion. If you know their names, let me know, and I'll give them credit.)


Based on Facebook comments so far, I feel I should add more about all there is to do in Victoria. Although a big selling point to me for Victoria is its central location to three of the 16 biggest cities in the country and to the beach, I am perfectly content most days to stick around the Crossroads.

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