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The game was close, but I have to admit I wasn't too wrapped up in whether one Northeasterner team beat another. And Madonna put on a good halftime show -- for 1897.

Yes, this is the one time when I time my bathroom breaks around seeing the commercials rather than the program.

I enjoyed several, but I have to say it wasn't a super year for these high-dollar ads. This one was my favorite because I'm a sucker for dogs getting the better of cats.

The GoDaddy ads caught my attention, but they topped my worst list for insulting my intelligence. The company apparently gets a lot of people wanting domain names based on scantily clad women.

I'm sure I missed a few around watching the game. What were your favorite commercials? Here are some other cute ones:

You can go here for more clips of Super Bowl commercials. Maybe we should just skip the game next time and go straight to the website. I'll be zapping commercials the rest of the year.