Blogs » Your Advocate: an editor's blog » What headline captures historic nature of Supreme Court ruling?


We want to produce a front page Friday that fits the historic nature of today's news.

A key to doing that is crafting a memorable headline. One challenge is most people already know how the Supreme Court ruled on the health-care act. Another challenge is to be balanced with a story that has polarized the nation.

What do you suggest for a headline? We have successfully involved readers in our headline writing a couple of times in the past:

-- "Apple loses core" for story on the death of Steve Jobs.

-- "Snow much anticipation" for the Crossroads' brief brush with cold weather.

I suggested "SUPREME STUNNER," but perhaps that's editorializing. We're reading more of the coverage to be sure I'm accurate in my perception that most court observers expected the court to overturn at least some of the act. I also am not sold this is the right headline anyway.

Let's hear from you. How do you capture history in three words or less? I'll buy the winner lunch in the Advocate Internet Cafe. In the interest of full disclosure, this contest is open to Advocate staffers, too.