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We aimed to capture the historic nature of the Supreme Court's ruling on the health care act. How well did we do?

It's fun to compare our front pages to others across the country. The Newseum offers an excellent service for doing this.

We encouraged readers to suggest our lead headline today, but we ended up going with one of our own. A complex subject presents a big challenge for headline writers.

Many of those offering suggestions revealed their own political preferences, which is not what we want to do with a front-page headline. Perhaps you think we missed a good choice, though. Here are the suggestions we received from readers and staff:

-- And justice for all

-- All care created equal

-- Insurance ensured

-- Healthy choice?

-- Lord help us

-- Roberts Rails Republicans

-- They aren't listening!!!

-- Diagnosis....ObamaCare Survives!

-- God Help Us

-- Public healthcare "for all"

-- Health Care Equality

-- ObamaNation-al Healthcare

What headline would you have written?