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We received a nice note in the mail Monday morning from the Victoria school district about education reporter Kayla Bell.

Victoria school district spokeswoman Diane Boyett sent the letter praising Kayla for her reporting. The district recently nominated her for the 2012 Texas Association of School Board's Media Honor Roll.

"We were pleased to nominate Kayla's name for inclusion," she writes. "We do not always agree with what is printed or the tone, but everyone in our schools who has ever been around Kayla understands that she is approaching each story fairly. She is not a 'gotcha' journalist, but she will not let us off the hook if something needs to be reported. And, that is the way it should be; we are in the public eye and accountable to the community. She seeks to understand, not simply to write a hit-and-miss story and move along to the next topic. We truly appreciate her professionalism. She is a credit to your reporting staff and the board unanimously approved the attached resolution."

Thanks to the school board for the recognition. We know we'll write stories you don't like sometimes, but we always try to be fair and accountable.