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I've attended many wonderful events in the Crossroads during my five years here, but I could hardly believe I was in a small town watching my favorite Go-Go's star interview two magicians after seeing a terrific documentary about them.

You don't expect film festivals in Victoria, after all. But organizer Anthony Pedone and his army of volunteers somehow pulled it off during the past few days, showing 37 features, documentaries and short films.

Before the event, I was somewhat skeptical Pedone could make it happen. My skepticism was more based on the fact that this had never been done here before than anything else. I wondered whether the movies would be any good and whether anyone would attend.

Turns out, yes. The documentary about the young magicians is called "Make Believe," and it's the best movie I've seen this year. I didn't know what to expect because I find many documentaries to be tedious and pretentious, but this one was, well, magical. It offered an inspirational message about finding and chasing your passion.

Afterwards, the Go-Go's Jane Wiedlin came on stage and interviewed two of the documentary's stars. They thoughtfully explored the movie's messages, offered a glimpse into their remarkable lives, and then wowed the audience with a couple of magic tricks.

In the lobby of the Leo J. Welder for the Performing Arts, I ran into one of the stars, Krystyn Lambert, and gushed (perhaps a bit too effusively) about how much I enjoyed the movie. A short time later, I talked briefly with Wiedlin. She wanted to know where to get some lunch.

I had to stop for a minute and think about what restaurant is open in downtown Victoria on a Saturday afternoon. Somebody suggested Subway. Hoping for more local flavor, I hesitated until someone else said Rosebud was open. Wiedlin then ambled off in that direction, as I wondered whether the down-home restaurant would offer anything satisfying to the rock star, actress and animal lover who I figured was a vegetarian.

What a surreal moment -- wondering whether a Go-Go could find a lunch to her satisfaction in little ol' Victoria. I guess that's what happens when you "Make Believe."