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Image Plastic surgeon Paul Mondolfi gets into the spirit of the event.

For a moment, I thought I was back watching "Magic Mike" on Thursday night at the Spring Creek Events Center.

Men writhing on stage. Women hooting and holllering. Channing Tatum was nowhere to be found, though, and the cause was a much better one -- the fight against breast cancer. The event was "Bras for a Cause," put on by the Crossroads chapter of the American Cancer Society.

The male models, mostly Victoria doctors, were all great sports about donning bras to be auctioned off. Emcee Robby Burdge, wearing Victoria Secret's angel wings behind his bazooka bra, reminded us all of the seriousness behind the frivolity, sharing how he and his wife, Tami, learned she had breast cancer.

At my table, I sat next to lawyer Lee Keeling, watching the gyrations with jaws ajar. We agreed lawyers and newspaper editors wouldn't fetch much at auction, so we were much better off in the audience.

Image Urologist John White finds a creative use for the jaguar tail on his bra. Is his work on his mind?